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Our Mission

Here at Chavela Mora Hairstyling we provide guests with a one on one hair design service giving an honest, friendly, and professional environment. Not just hair, we care!


Unique Experience

We want you to feel 10ft taller when you leave the salon, not just because of  great hair design  on the day of your service but  360 other days of the year when we don’t do your hair. Giving you hints and tips on maintenance and lifestyle, empowering you to feel good in your own skin. A one on one service that is crucial to the client journey, we as stylists can devote all our time and attention to you as we know your time and loyalty is just as important to us.

Commitment and Agreement

We promise to provide a clean, hygienic, professional and insured environment whilst providing  friendly and honest advice backed up by the latest technologies and  to listen to your needs and feedback, we appreciate it, its how we grow.


The culture within our salon is to love and appreciate every soul that walks through the door. We care, support and empower each guest in their client journey. We pay forward the love, care and support we get back from our guests to help our local community weather its a person, charity or business to physically or emotionally grow whilst spreading a sustainable message.


We believe we can make a difference individually and together, to seek answers to our questions. Using products that best suit the culture within the salon, Daviness and Montibello, these are  companies that pay it back into the wider and global communities. By combining people and planet we get profit in so many ways! who says doing good and doing business don’t mix?!!

Where possible we contribute in active protection of our environment , removing carbon foot print where possible and consider the needs of an evolving society through environmentally aligned projects. these are but a few of the messages we spread.


For us and for you.

We promise to keep learning,  bringing you the best that our salon has to offer and in turn we can support, educate and empower you with tools to see you through your hair care journey.

Gratitude Love and Equality

Every Guest who walks through are door is gratefully received with love and equality.. we are grateful for our families, friends, mentors and difficult times. To witness the impact that our efforts have had on the lives of others

  Opening Hours

Monday 9.15am – 3pm
Tuesday 12pm – 8.30pm
Wednesday 12pm – 8.30pm
Thursday 9.15 – 3pm
Friday 9.15 – 3pm
Saturday  By Appointment
Sunday – Closed
Bank Holidays – Closed

Service Menu

Complimentary consultation  


Cleanse, cut & finish                                  £51
Cleanse & cut                                             £41
Cleanse & finish                                         £32
Cleanse, restyle & finish                           £58
Hair Up                                                        £51
Bridal Trial                                   From    £50 ph
Bridal on the day                        By consultation


Cleanse, cut & finish                                   £21


All colours include a complimentary consultation and require a skin test at least 48 hours before any colour service.

Where necessary colour services may require a Silaplex bonding treatment at the added cost of £5

Root Maintenance colour                          £36.50
Full Head Colour or change                      From £47

Toner                                                            £11

T-Section / Face framers                           From £47
HLTS/Lowlights Half Head                         £51
HLTS/Lowlights Full Head Short               £75
HLTS/Lowlights Full Head Long                £93
HLTS/Lowlights & Colour                           From £62.50



All services include a Cleanse and Finish.

6-11 years                                                       £21
12-14 years                                                    £28.50

(Prices may very at stylist’s discretion, this may be due to hair length, thickness or requirements for specific treatment.)

Complimentary Refreshments

Tea, Herbal Tea, Coffee, Water, Elder flower Cordial.

Our Products


Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family, Davines Group started as a research laboratory, producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. After a decade of honing our expertise, we began creating our own brand of Davines hair care products exclusively for salons, and in 1996 founded [ comfort zone ] skin care for premier spas.

“By Creating beauty sustainably, we encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live & work, of the things they love.”

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on crafting quality products that are scientifically engineered to work, and express our distinctive style and spirit.


We have enhanced the quality of each formula by enriching them with high percentages of rapidly biodegradable ingredients of natural origin, to minimize environmental impact and combine sustainability with results of the highest level.

Essential Haircare shampoos are formulated using gentle surfactants that respect the hair and are sulphate free; their foam is incredibly creamy and dense and dissolves easily in water. All of the products are parabens free.

Each Essential Haircare family has a specific property: nourishment, moisturization, volumizing, shine enhancement, protection, elasticizing, control, daily care. All keep the promise implicit in their name with the common objective of protecting the hair from external attack while guaranteeing an immediate cosmetic effect.


The OI Essential Haircare line has now been enhanced by 3 new products in line with the bestselling OI/OIL, new representations of a formulation philosophy that combines concrete solutions for all needs with a concept of beauty treatment that the cosmetic industry has so far reserved for skincare.

Hence the challenge: OI/OIL, a refined multi-purpose oil launched by Davines in 2011 that is a perfect synthesis of treatment and styling, whose success led to the creation of the revolutionary OI/All in One Milk, the initiator of a new type of multi-purpose product, and the pair OI/Shampoo and OI/Conditioner, special complementary products that share the same origin, style and formulation concept as OI/OIL. The results warrant the definition of “absolute beauty products”.

The properties of the products in the OI family are also linked to Roucou Oil, originally from the Amazon, which has a restructuring action on the hair. This is joined by a selection of special ingredients in a formula that is ideal for obtaining results that are immediate and evident, and can be enhanced by using with other OI specialities. Roucou Oil is abounding in beta-carotene with antioxidant and restructuring properties, and in ellagic acid with its free radical-neutralizing action.

From concept to results the OI line shares an inimitable approach underlined by the elegance of its style. In packaging that plays with the intensity of black and transparency; and in terms of ethics, including the line in the Zero Impact LifeGate project, common to the entire Essential Haircare line.


Dear Chavela
I don’t know where to start in thanking you for all of your incredible hard work, patience and amazing support, in making sure all of our hair looked so beautiful on my wedding day.  It was everything I had imagined and made me feel so special on such a special day. 
The girls looked stunning and they were just as thrilled as i was with everything you did.  Also a huge thank you for your help with the little ones, and for being on standby to ‘fix’ me during the reception – I really am so incredibly grateful.  I hope the salon is going well – It is gorgeous and you deserve such success! Hope to see you very soon and again an enormous thank you.  All my love


Having had many many hideous results from hairdressers in the past, due to my massively wild hair, it’s safe to say, I am a nervous client. I went to Chavela for a re-style and colour, taking an image of someone with beautifully coloured, gorgeous hair with me – the total opposite of myself!  
Chavela did so much more than colour and style my hair that day.  The transformation was astounding! She made me look just like the image.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I have had so many compliments, and my friends have said how wonderful it is (and how much younger I look!). Thank you so much Chavela, you really did more than my hair, you lifted my spirits and made me feel a million dollars.


Dear Chavela
Well – we’ve all come down to earth with a bump now it’s all over, but we were so pleased withhow everything went on the day.  You were a very special part of our day and I cannot thank you enough for the care and kindness you showed with all our bridesmaids, who looked absolutely beautiful.
You are a very talented lady ad lots of our guests commented on how super the bridesmaids looked.  As for the bride, she looked stunning and she was thrilled with the way you did her hair.  I have some fabulous photos which I will send to you.
Love from us all

Kate and Colin

I was going to do my hair myself, but reconsidered since this is the day I should embrace being fussed over. Chev was the only person I would have asked. Despite never having had my hair done by her before, my instincts told me she would be perfect. And she was. Not only the results, which were spot on with my imagination, but the process.

We were in different countries in the run-up to the day so no time for a trial, but I shared a few photos and left it down to her. She was prepared yet relaxed, a joy to have around in the morning, and talked me through her process as she went to dispel and worries. I have no hesitation in recommending her.


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